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Jake's Original Tex-Mex Cafe



Jake’s has been a one-of-kind fast casual restaurant designed to have a relaxed and tasty meal. Unlike most cafeteria style joints, you order off the menu, tell us what you want, and our friendly staff prepares it while you’re in line.

Our food is FRESH and made on premises daily. This is something we are very proud of! There are no pre-packaged or frozen foods used and we think it shows in the quality of food we prepare everyday. We don’t even own a freezer!


Our relationship to “Tex-Mex” comes from pit style beef, Tri-tip cooked throughout the day over oak with a mesquite smoke finish (no Brisket, we are in California) and our love, love, love of garlic, onions, and chiles. When we opened in the late 1980’s we had to describe our food to people in terms they would understand, though we aren’t quite traditional Texan-Tex-Mex and we aren’t like any Mexican restaurant you’ve been to. Instead, we take inspiration from each cuisine. We tend to lean more to what we like to call “cowboy grub”.

Bottom line is, our food is tasty, fresh and we can’t wait for you to come give us a try… and when you do, don’t leave without a piece of our “Bakersfield Sorta-Famous” chocolate cake!

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